Quick to-be Natural Pedicure $35

Quick soak, nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, light heel buff,

moisturize, and a polish of your choice.


In and Out in 30 minutes!

Care to-be Natural Pedicure $45

Complete foot soak, nail shaping, full cuticle maintenance, complete heel buff, gentle sugar scrub, hot towel wrap, moisturizing massage, cuticle oil, and a polish of your choice.


Lavender Limeade Sea Salt and Citrus $55

This uplifting treatment is a guaranteed good day! The invigorating lavender hibiscus mineral bath soak sets your senses to joyous. A citrus grass sea salt scrub made with organic alfalfa powder will expel dry skin while leaving a soft glistening finish. This whipped shea butter breathes new life into your skin and makes any day feel like summer air. Includes trimming, shaping, cuticle maintenance, heel buff and a polish of your choice.


Spiced Cider Pumpkin pedicure $60

Start out with a cinnamon epsom salt soak, followed by trimming and shaping of the nails, cuticle maintenance. After an invigorating whipped honey sea salt exfoliation with hot towels, you'll be painted in a thick pumpkin puree mud mask that warms, tingles and oxygenates your skin, bringing a healthy glow. A sultry, sweet cinnamon massage oil completes your scrumptious treatment.  Top it all off with a polish of your choice. 

Just for the Guys $32

Warm foot soak, nail shaping, full cuticle maintenance, light heel buff, quick moisturizing massage, and nails are buffed.


Pink Lemonade $25

Warm foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle push, fruity massage, polish of your choice and nail art for each hand. (for children 10 and younger)