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Orly Gel FX Gel Manicure $45

Power packed with vitamins, Gel FX is no ordinary gel manicure. Antioxidant vitamins A & E help promote healthy nails while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail. Cured under LED light and chip free for two weeks. Choose from over 230 colors. 


Nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, gel color of your choice and cuticle oil rub. 



Quick to-be Natural Manicure $32

Nail shaping, quick soak, cuticle maintenance,

moisturize, and a polish of your choice.


In and Out in 25 minutes!

Care to-be Natural Manicure $42

Nail shaping, complete soak, full cuticle maintenance, gentle sugar scrub, hot towel wrap, moisturizing massage, cuticle oil, and a polish of your choice.


Just for the Guys $27

Nail shaping, quick soak, full cuticle maintenance, moisturizing hand massage, and nails are buffed.


Pink Lemonade $22

Nail shaping, cuticle push, lemonade massage, polish of your choice and nail art for each hand. (for children 10 and younger)


* Prices subject to change without notice.

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