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The Difference


Come Experience The Natural Nail Spa Difference and Treat Yourself to Something Truly Amazing!


The Natural Nail Spa isn't your everyday salon, it is much more than that! The best of the luxury spa world, with the convenience of a neighborhood salon.

Please plan accordingly as we highly recommend appointments! You will feel like you're at a luxury spa yet your pocket book will feel the pampering as well.    
We take pride in maintaining the highest levels of sanitation and cleanliness. 
  • Our spa does not offer acrylic nail services, so it allows for a pleasant experience.
  • At the spa, you will be delighted to know that the implements are cleaned above and beyond standard regulations. Using a medical grade autoclave, the implements are sterilized and packaged, which is the highest standard of clean there is.
  • All files, buffers, and pumice stones are disposed of after every guest. This level of cleanliness allows you to truly enjoy the experience and leave your worries at the door. 
  • Every pedicure starts with a sanitized soaking basin with a new disposable liner that is discarded after every use.
  • At your request our nail technicians will wear gloves for further protection during  your service at The Natural Nail Spa.
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