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Makeup Brush Cleaning


Do you feel like you are doing everything right for your skin? But you're still having small breakouts?  You might be missing one crucial aspect to your skin care regimen. It may be your makeup brushes. Makeup brush aftercare is essential in keeping a healthy complexion. Your brushes are an oil trap for old makeup which can cause unsightly breakouts.  Washing your brushes and cleaning them with all natural makeup removers is imperative in maintaining healthy skin and can increase the shelf life of your brushes.  If you notice the bristles are falling out in your brush - you may need to say goodbye to "old faithful." It might be time to scoop up a new one if you don't remember the last time you purchased new brushes.  


Our favorite makeup brush cleanser is found right in your kitchen cabinet.


Heres what you'll need to gather:

- Dirty Brushes

- 2 Cups of Hot Water

- 4 TSPS of White Vinegar



Tips & Tricks


Staying Hydrated


We've all experienced what it feels like when we don't drink enough water. We're groggy, hungry and typically just feel off. But did you know that not drinking enough water can affect your skin, hair, nails, eyes and weight.  Staying hydrated is so important. Whether you drink warm water and lemon each morning or find other ways to drink more water, the facts below will likely motivate you to boost your hydration.

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